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Friday, October 30, 2015

Stamps left for sale....

This is what I still have left for sale. If interested, please email me: kaleidoscope.creations.shop at gmail dot com  with the list of sets you'd like. Shipping will be flat rate $3.50 for any quantity in a bubble mailer with tracking. Paypal ONLY. Thanks!

These are the actual stamps and do not come polybagged. They are high quality photopolymer made in USA. Description below each set shows quantity left available.

4 x 6 stamp sets  $13 each plus shipping

Everyday Greetings Qty: 23
Everyday Sentiments Qty:7
It's a Peep Thing Qty: 2
Magical Vacation Qty: 8
More Magical Vacation Qty: 7
Home Sweet Home Qty: 4
Pack Your Bags Qty: 3
Ready Set Go Qty: 1
Happy Anniversary Qty: 1
Celebrate Banner Alpha Qty: 6
Tis the Season Qty: 2
Summer Season Qty: 2
In the Fall Qty: 2

Autumn Season Qty: 8
Winter Season Qty: 1
You Are Loved Qty: 3

6 x 8 stamp set $23 each plus shipping

Recipe Album Qty:4

1.5 x 6 state stamp sets $9 each plus shipping (front and back shown)

Welcome to California Qty: 14
Welcome to Florida Qty: 6
Welcome to Maine Qty: 1
Welcome to Massachusetts Qty: 3
Welcome to Missouri Qty: 4
Welcome to New York Qty: 9
Welcome to Pennsylvania Qty: 3

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